My story is I was diagnosed with Coeliacs disease a little over 2 years ago. I had become extremely underweight and felt frail and weak. I was also extremely tired, and my thyroid had become under active all as a result of the condition. The only cure for Coeliacs disease is to follow a strictly gluten free diet. But like many other Coeliacs sufferers my system had become sensitive and could no longer handle other food groups such as dairy or eggs. I was frustrated as I seemed to feel worse not better. I then decided to follow a mainly plant based diet and began to feel some improvements but my thyroid was still refusing to work properly and I was keen to avoid medication. It was only one day that someone mentioned they had read somewhere that watercress was supposed to be good for the thyroid health. So I gave it a go. I tried many 'ready to eat' packaged watercress from far flung lands with little or no effect. Then I stumbled across John Hurd’s watercress in my local Waitrose store and immediately noticed how much brighter and greener it looked. I tried it and immediately loved its flavour and felt nourished and energised. After eating John Hurd’s watercress most days and noticing how my activity levels had changed dramatically I had my thyroid checked again to be told that it had become bang on normal. I believe eating John Hurd’s watercress daily has a lot to do with it. I also have much better digestive health. I really miss it when it's not available. If I had to choose between my beloved chocolate and John Hurd’s watercress I would choose the watercress hands down. And that's saying something.