Watercress and Mussel Risotto

recipe-01 80g butter (2x40g)
2 onions, chopped (keep seperate)
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1kg cleaned mussels
200ml white wine
1 tbsp olive oil
4 rashers of bacon, chopped
200g risotto rice
Stock if needed - fish, chicken or vegetable
4 tbsp Watercress Pesto
2 tbsp parsley, finely chopped
60g finely grated parmesan cheese
Sea salt & black pepper

In a large pan, sweat one onion and garlic in half the butter until soft. Add mussels and wine, cover and cook for about five minutes until the mussels have opened. Pour the liquid into a smaller pan, taking care not to include any grit; reserve. Pick mussels out of shells and save, discarding any that have not opened. Put the pan of reserved juices on to a low heat; in another large pan, heat remaining butter and olive oil and sweat the second onion with the bacon. Add the rice and cook for about 2 minutes, the add the mussels stock, ladle by ladle, waiting for the rice to absorb the liquid before adding more. If you need more stock, use fish, chicken or vegetable stock. Keep stirring risotto until almost cooked - about 17-18 minutes. Add Watercress Pesto, parsley and half the cheese - stir. Season well, add muscles to heat through, serve with the remainder of the cheese sprinkled on top of the dish.

Note: substitute prawns for mussels if liked.